Our Philosophy – Financial Planning

Financial planning success is dependent on a strong partnership – The financial planning process requires not only the commitment of the advisor to help understand the client’s needs and provide well thought out objective advice, but also the client to take the agreed upon actions and to engage in follow-up discussions. A  good partnership starts with us taking the time to gain a clear and complete picture of your financial situation.  We need to understand your financial goals, your current financial situation and your tolerance for risk.  But just as importantly, we want to understand your lifestyle preferences, your budgeting and spending habits, and  the overall dynamics in your household when it comes to finances.

Financial planning is a process, not an event –   The presentation and acceptance of a financial plan is a key step in helping someone reach their financial peak.  Just as important is the execution, followup, and adaptation of the plan when changes occur.

Process is key – We follow a six-step process espoused by the CFP Board that ensures we stay on track when developing and supporting your financial plan. Read about it here .

Customization is key – Everyone’s situation is different, so your financial planning experience will be different than someone else’s. Cookie cutter financial planning doesn’t exist.

Financial planning is not a product sale – The financial industry is one with many different titles for people who do financial work.  If your Financial Advisor sells products under the guise of performing financial planning, you might not have a financial plan that places your interests first.