How We’re Different

Independent, fee-only advice.

Our advice is confidential and not influenced by factors other than what’s in our clients’ best interest.

While we do recommend various products as part of our planning and implementation process, we receive no compensation other than from our clients, so we are able to be completely independent of any outside influence as we help create your plans and portfolios.

Ability to leverage best-in-class products and services. We are not beholden to the products of a single company or small group of companies. We are able to scour the marketplace and find solutions that have the best combination of cost, features, safety, service, value, and name brand.

Financial training and education is Jeff Rossi’s specialty, and he leverages that experience in helping clients learn and apply the knowledge they need to be better at managing their own wealth. We will guide you through your options and explain them clearly to help you make the best choices. We will always take the time to make sure you understand our advice.

Technologically driven. Technology has spawned a number of simple to use, powerful tools to facilitate communication, evaluate your current situation, and help guide future decision making. With client safety and privacy in mind, we make extensive use of technologies such as virtual meetings, account aggregation dashboards,  and financial planning software.

A focus on behaviors and strategy, not products. Over the past thirty years, the financial services industry has focused on designing products that have maximum profitability, and then figuring out how to sell those products to an unsuspecting public. Instead of selling anything, we help our clients implement timeless, common-sense financial practices and simplify their lives.

Truly personalized recommendations and advice. How in depth are the written recommendations provided by your current or prior financial advisor? Are they just cookie cutter recommendations and required legal disclosures? Among other things, we will provide you with specific, written tasks to complete in order to reach your financial goals; a system to organize your financial affairs and documentation; and a comprehensive summary of your current financial situation.