Peak Wealth Advisors is currently unavailable for financial planning and wealth management engagements, but Jeff is available to respond to inquiries that require input from a Certified Financial Planner.


Please contact Jeff Rossi to discuss whether we will be able to assist you with your financial planning or investment management needs.

When we talk, we’ll have a conversation to learn about your needs, objectives, and priorities, and to see whether what we offer seems to be enough of a fit to move forward. While I’ll ask you about your financial situation, all of that information will remain private and confidential.

We do not maintain any physical office space.  Jeff Rossi resides in Holmdel, NJ and can arrange to meet with you virtually or at a mutually agreeable location.  We are registered as an Investment Advisor  in the state of NJ but can work with clients in other states due to the Uniform Securities Act de Minimis rules.

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Jeff Rossi
Phone: (732) 546-4790